Snoopy and Woodstock Bento

Okay.. again I decided to make a simple bento.. I’m taking things easyyyy I don’t want to stress myself into making the “perfect” bento!! This one is simple nothing complicated no cutting required!! Making onigiris (rice balls) is so easy, you can shape them very easily into any shape you want just like playing with play-doh. All you need is a bowl of  salted water next to you to make sure your hands are always wet so the rice doesn’t stick to them, or you can put the rice on a plastic wrap and wrap the rice with it then shape it, but when you’re done don’t forget to wet your hands to hold the onigiri after you unwrap it. Here I shaped Snoopy with my hands then I got lazy so I used a bell pepper for Woodstock!! ohhh but wait why isn’t he yellow!! :/ The bell pepper looked yellow at the store but when I got home.. hmmm not so yellow!! Looks like he got a tan! Its too sunny and hot here in Kuwait. ;p

Three Little Piggies Bento

I love making pigs bentos because they’re simple and easy to make which gives me time to focus on the little details. I colored the rice using beetroots and used tofu dogs for the noses and ears. I didn’t eat the tofu dogs and never will, although I love normal tofu, but these smelled and looked like real hotdog, real meat!! If you like hotdogs, but have high cholesterol, tofu dogs have zero cholesterol!! Just one down side is that I can’t use them for making a hotdog flower as it doesn’t open up like the real hotdogs do when you boil them! Oh and that on the top right is not a checkered apple its peach, so much easier to cut than apples. I used a special knife this time I Just got from Daiso, it really helped!!

I woke up 4am this morning to make the bentos!!

Good night!  -_-

Garfield Bento


So for today I made a Garfield bento! The theme of this week bento was suppose to be a surprise for the kids but my daughter peeked on me in the kitchen and found out, not only that, she also told her brother about it!! :/

For the rice I mixed carrots puree with cooked sushi rice. I didn’t get the color right because I was worried if I add more carrots my boy won’t like it. I also used for Garfield pasta sheet, boiled eggs for the eyes (I love them!!), sea weed, some black sesame seeds and  strawberry for the nose.

I’m trying to use less meat in the kids bentos, at least I don’t use meat just to decorate, I know I’m using eggs and cheese and I should feel guilty about that too but I don’t feel as guilty when serving eggs and dairy products to my family. Let’s see how long that will last. 😛 But for me I think I will stay vegan forever and ever, I just love how I feel.. I feel light, healthy and it also improved my karma!! 😉

That’s all for today.. Have a wonderful weekend all :) and if your weekend is in 2 days.. have a wonderful weekend.. in 2 days! 😀



I’m Back!!

I’m so excited that I’m finally blogging about my bentos. I wanted to do that for sooooo looo0ong. I’m so happy with my blog design, I know the header might be a little bigger than usual but I wanted a lot of stuff on it! A BIG thank you to the talented forevertulip – Cindy Jane for a beautiful blog design you are so talented!! I’m glad that I’m finally back after a very long break. Some of you may already know me as lovebones from flickr, if you don’t know me please check out more of my work go to my flickr page

Finally school is back and I’m back to bentoing and will try to be a good girl and post here on a weekly basis and will try my best to be consistent. I will try to make interesting bentos that are worth posting every Thursday,  and what about for the rest of the school days?? well, my kids can live on heart and star shaped sandwiches!! ;p

Now about this bento.. I steamed and pureed green peas and spinach and mixed it with the rice to create the green color. I usually only do it with spinach and sometimes I add some shredded cheese but it was the first time I add green pees and I was so happy that my kids liked it specially that the day before on dinner I was begging them to eat their peas and they were acting like if I was asking them to eat green bunny poo ;/!! Anyways the kids loved the bento and were so happy although my daughter couldn’t tell it was a frog :s!!