Hello! I’m Bento Mommy! :-)

Thank you for stopping by!

Do you like fun food? I mean food that is fun to look at and to eat at the same time. I have a passion for making fun and cute creations with food, mainly bentos. If you do like fun food then this blog is for you. I will be posting here almost in a weekly basis my creations and will share some tips and recipes. I’m not a pro, I just like to play in my kitchen with food and share it with family and friends.

More about me:

I’m a stay at home mom, introverted, shy, I don’t eat any animal products (I’m not a true vegan), I play the piano, I like running, intolerant people make me sick. I love MMORPG, I used to be so hooked but now I don’t have much time to play! I have 3 cats and a dog… I am an animal lover! I love nature. I like laying in bed and reading a good book.

To contact me email me at info@bentomommy.com